moss beauty is a for-purpose organization that aims to make women’s beauty and pleasure synonymous.

Moss Beauty Studio offers an approach to intimate beauty services that can be life-altering.

Moss Beauty studio services are always booked online. All of the info you could possibly need to know is here on the website, so please read all of the studio pages before booking or calling. This is a one woman show!

The Intimate Resources Collection provides information on a broad range of intimate topics.

Whether you’re a mom who might be having that conversation soon, new to the world of intimacy, or a lady looking for more info about lady things – this is the place to look. Visit the CONVERSATION tab to learn more.

Waxing & Beauty Services

We know that when you feel better about your body, you have less anxiety and are better able to live the life you want. Let us help you take a step toward personal kindness.

Professional Products & Professional Training

Are you an esthetician? We hope to enable you to deliver services in a body-positive & sex-positive way, with natural products and online training.

Knowledge & Resources

Find answers to your questions and explore topics that intrigue you. Together, we can be a part of the cultural evolution that’s changing our beliefs about beauty.